Anthrax 2017!

Chicago Hash House Harriers Run #s 2134, 2135 & 2136

Friday, December 15, 2017 through Sunday, December 17, 2017

Anthrax Details are still in progress, but here’s this:

What the hell is this? It’s CH3’s 15th annual celebration of our 2002 anthrax scare. It’s also the largest annual hashing event in Chicago, this year featuring up to 200 wonderful hashers just like you.

Why the hell should I come to this? Who wouldn’t want to be in Chicago in December?

When the hell is it? December 15-17, 2017. Expect a Friday night prelube run and drink package, Saturday main event trails and party, and Sunday hangover trail.

How the hell do I sign up?: Take a look at the pricing structure below and click on the REGO HERE link.

Who the hell is in charge of this?: The giant throbbing CH3 Anthrax team.

More details to come as plans are finalized.

As it sits, we are planning on capping the event at 200, but who knows what’ll happen. Pricing tiers as follows:

1-30: $69
31-60: $80
61-90: $90

91-120: $100
121-150: $110
151 – 180: $120
181 – 200: $130
Walk-up Price: Go Fuck Yourself

There will also be date based price increase, but we’ll get to that. Rego before Thanksgiving so we can get those custom gimmies set up.

We will be setting up a Hash Hotel block similar to two years ago at the Travelodge in the loop, but if you would prefer crash space please coordinate with a host and whoever I put in charge of crash space… we cannot realistically house 100+ visitors. (Current pricing looks like $94 a night per room)

Giddy up,