Announcing Anthrax: COVID Edition (Dec 19, 2020)

Obviously this year’s Anthrax is going to be a little different from years past, so here’s what you have to look forward to:
– Cheap rego! $20 for Saturday, $5 for any other day there’s a hash*
– Less people! If you ever felt Anthrax was too crowded this is your year! We will be limiting rego to 40 people (well under the 50 limit).
– Beer! Please do not share your beer.
– Fresh air! Enjoy the beauty of Jonquil Park as we will be keeping the festivities outdoors this year. Please dress appropriately. There will be a Turkey and an Eagle trail offered**. A bathroom will be available.
– Beer!
– Food! We will have food available
– Gimmie’s! For once you may not look crazy running around in a hazmat suit. There will be something else TBD.
– Style! Feel free show off your style by accessorizing with your mandatory mask! Let’s stay hash crud free!
Please, if you are not in Chicago contact a member of mismanagement prior to regoing. We will turn back any Hasher who has flown in and/or come from a state that is on Chicago’s mandatory quarantine list***.
Finally, a reminder that we are trying our very best to provide everybody with something fun to look forward to during this time. Please respect our rules as we are trying to do this as safe as we possibly can. We also recognize we can’t keep that safety at 100% and respect everyone’s decision to participate or not. If you have any personal feelings about any of this, keep it to yourself (unless it’s productive, then message away!). SHOULD Chicago go back to stage 3, we do reserve the right to cancel the event at which point we will figure out refunds while you complain to Horn-e at the Bushman.
Wash Your Hands!
SBD and Mismanagement
*Friday’s prelube by Lifa and It’s Too Soft can be prepaid. Sunday’s Manthrax will be walk up pricing
**Gay Dancer is looking for hares! Contact him if you’re interested!