Hash Smart! Hash Safely! Eventually!

So, we reopened hashing at CH3 on June 7th with great fanfare (okay, medium fanfare!)

So, we temporarily re-shutdown CH3 on November 16th. We will reopen again based on public health guidelines.

We’ve had some nice trails and have generally figured out how to hash safely during the pandemic. Your typical hash trail now starts and finishes at the hare’s patio, roof deck, alley or other outdoor area with space for social distancing. We have also successfully used city parks for the start/finish.

To avoid the pack being “a pack”, we stagger our start by 30 seconds or so in order to maintain proper distance from others.  We provide hand sanitizer during circle and require masks when near other people, or when entering the hare’s home to use the facilities (assuming the hare allows this — it’s up to the hare).

We want everyone to feel comfortable at our runs. If you have any suggestions for improving the experience, please get with mismanagement and let us know.

Welcome back and On-on,

Your faithful webmaster