The Chicago H3 is suspended through March

ATTENTION: It is with a heavy heart and much consideration that we have decided to shut down the hash for a period of time. The GMs of the Chicago, Thirstday, Big Dogs, 4×2, Whisky Wednesday and Moon hashes did not come to this conclusion lightly and we do this with the support of our respective Mismanagements.


This shut down will be today through the end of March at which point we will consider starting back up on a week to week basis. Upcoming hares will be hearing from hareraisers today. We hate to temporarily pull the plug on this group we love so much and dedicate our time to, but in light of world events, and with the probable decision from the governor to start shutting down bars and restaurants coming soon, we do not think it is responsible to continue to meet.


For those of you rebels out there who will insist on continuing or want to complain. Please don’t. Hashing will be there when we get through this awful period and in the mean time use the time at home to write or learn some songs! Feel free to use these pages to share them! We’re all going to need a good time at the end of this.
Until next time, stay healthy, stay positive!


ONON, Bert’s Special Friend, Lifa, Meat Inside Her, Two Girls One Cupcake, Silent But Deadly

CH3 Hash Ball


When: Saturday, February 22nd, 6 PM to 10 PM
Where: Alarmist Brewing & Taproom – 4055 W. Peterson Ave. (Map)
Hash Cash: $35
Theme: Vintage Circus

Rego for $35 — open bar for beer and cider (liquor is on you), pizza, snackycakes, and mild entertainment: Rego Here!

It’s that time of year where we celebrate ourselves and officially call each other out on our most egregious violations, complete with certifications. Attend a hash in the new year to vote each week on such categories as most toes, best non-alcoholic beer, and worst racist. Or probably something completely different.

We’ll have open bar, several pizzas, and mild entertainment. Vintage circus is our theme–freaks, oddities, and other amusement is encouraged.

Who’s Cumming