CH3 #2116

Chicago Hash House Harriers Run # 2116

Saturday, August 26, 2017, 2 PM

Venue: Ruji’s Foofdeck – 933 W. Wolfram St.
Hare: It’s Too Soft
Hash Cash: $8

From da hare:
It’s Saturday! To the foof!

The kids are back in school now, we survived the Great Eclipse and Summer 2017 is about to sunset with one last hurrah on the orignal hash party rooftop. Weather is forecast to be great and the best spread of food to be found anywhere in Chicago hashing with more beer than you can shake a stick at will be provided for less than the cost of a single Bud LIght at Wrigley Field.

Trail will feature the best shiggy to be found in all of the Green Zone. BYO debauchery and loss of dignity not the responsibility of mismanagement.

CH3 #2110 – PoP XVII Hangover Run

CH3 #2110 – PoP Hangover Run

Chicago Hash House Harriers Run No. 2110

Sunday, July 23, 2017, Noon
Hares: Ladies of POP
Venue: TBD
Hash Cash:

Event: Out of This World Hangover!

PoP in SpAAAaaAAaAAAce is not cumplete without an Out of this World Hangover! That’s right, you’ve got a killer hangover, and we’re here to make it worse, er, better. This year’s hangover will feature not one, not two, not five, but THREE home brew pony kegs from our very own Taste The Rainbow & R2-DoMe. You may remember their beers from such events as Dark Nips Wedding, Cherry PoP Hangover and you know, like every time they make beer and share it with us. Oh yeah, we’ll have a walking-only trail, food and a really, reallllyyyyy reallllllllllllyyyyyyyyyyy long second circle. This trail is included in your Weekend Rego, walk ups are $8.

CH3 #2109 – PoP XVII

Chicago Hash House Harriers Run No. 2109

Saturday, July 22, 2017, 2 PM
Hares: Ladies of POP
Venue: O’Donnell’s – 4500 N. Elston Ave.
Hash Cash: $75 All Weekend. $65 Main Event Only

Event: Power of the Pussy 17

The theme for this year’s Power of the Pussy will be “PoP in SpAaaaAAAaAace” – join Chicago H3 as our lovely ladies launch pussy into a galaxy far, far away (you know, the one in the Delta Quadrant) filled with trails, wookies, booze, trekkies, food, aliens and booze. A trip to Space wouldn’t be cumplete without moon boots, space suits, Starfleet-issued threads and Stormtrooper armor, so costumes, as always, are not only allowed but encouraged – hell, there will even be prizes for best dressed.

New this year, we’re also introducing Miss(ter) PoP. The boys of the hash will have the opportunity to prove themselves to the harriettes of the hash all weekend in exchange for points {beads, probably beads}. There will also be a pageant-style competition with different categories throughout the weekend for you to compete in, such as Talent, Style, Q&A and Overall. So “gentlemen,” gird your loins and prepare to woo us. More details to cum.

Your rego gets you plenty of cold beer {and wine} during and after trail, delicious food at the on-in, an exclusive giveaway (provided you rego early enough) and a spectacular shitty trail through the finest city in the world. If you rego for the entire weekend you’ll get access to Friday night’s “Space Spectacular! Mission to Pre-Lube” as well as Sunday’s “Out of This World Hangover” {featuring homebrew kegs from our very own hashers}. Not only that, but you’ll have a collection of the coolest harriettes you’ll ever meet showing you a good time.

Tank tops will be available {soon!} for an additional cost.

Rego is $75 Weekend/$65 Main Event Only. Waiting until America’s Birthday? It’ll cost you $85/$75. If you show up the day of and try to pay, it’ll cost you a whopping $98/$85. Power of the Pussy is worth it at any price, but don’t say the ladies didn’t warn you about the price increases. Be smart, rego early.

Rego Here for the main event or for the whole PoP weekend.

Who’s Cumming? Well, these people…and you!

The Cock Whisperer – Chicago H3
Silent But Deadly – Chicago/Agana
Dr. Cockvorkian – Chicago H3
Stiffy for Stiffies – Your Mom H3
Dewey Sexual System – Big Hump H3
Salty Gash – Chicago H3
2:19 – The Biggest Hump H3
Snatchsquatch – Chicago H3
Two Girls, One Cupcake – Chicago H3
Menstrual Casserole – Chicago Thirstday H3
Gay Dancer – Chicago Thirstday H3
I Eat Dick – Chicago Thirstday H3
Free Mustache Rides – Big Hump H3
Hooch B4 Cooch – Chicago Thirstday H3
Let Me Blow – Chicago H3
Rusty Grundél – Chicago H3
Fetus Envy – Chicago H3
USS Cum On My Face – Chicago H3
Soul Taco – Chicago H3
Tub Dumping – Chicago H3
Lifa – Chicago H3
The Dark Kunt – Chicago Thirstday H3
James Bondage – QCH3 Dirty Pirates
NFN Ariyl – QCH3 Dirty Pirates
R2-DoMe – Chicago H3
Steel Magnolia – Chicago Thirstday H3
O’Shitty Runch – Chicago H3
Foamy Discharge – Thirstday H3
Cums On All Bases – Chicago H3
Little Trojan Annie – TH3/Wang2Mouth H3
WJew-40 – Thrstday H3/Wang2Mouth H3
Placentahontas – FUCH3
E = I’m A Douche – Eager 4 Beaver H3

And here is a map to O’Donnell’s:

PoP XVII – Pre-Lube

Chicago Hash House Harriers

Power of the Pussy XVII – Pre-Lube

Friday, July 21st, 2017, 7 PM
Hares: Ladies of POP
Venue: TBD
Hash Cash: $5, then pay-as-you-go

PoP in SpAAaAaaAAAaAce kicks off with a Space Spectacular Carnival! You will have the chance to visit every planet in the Milky Way to play {drinking} games for prizes! We’ll also have space inside the bar to mix & mingle {aka drink & ignore each other}. The carnival is included in your rego, walk ups are $5, but the bar is on your own.

CH3 #2105

Our next run:
Chicago Hash House Harriers Run # 2105

Monday, June 26, 2017, 7 PM

Venue: Mahoney’s Pub – 551 N. Ogden Ave.
Hare: Roofie Ragu and USS Cum On My Face
Hash Cash: $8

It’s our birthdays! Bring us tacos and donuts, and ice cream to wash them down.