CH3 #1817

Chicago HHH Run #1817

Sunday 12/2 – 2:00 PM

Hares: Specklebird

Venue: Casa de Specklebird – 4611 W. Warwick

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Hash Cash: $8

From da GM: Its Idiot’s Day! We’ll be doing a joint hash wish Second City once again.

Environmentally-Friendly Public Transit 🙂
From Lincoln Park/Lakeview: Take the Red Line North to Sheridan. Tranfer downstairs to the 80 Irving Park bus heading West. Bust out a book because you’re going to be on this sucker until you get to Kilpatrick. Exit the bus at Kilpatrick and hoof it South to Warwick, then back East until you get to 4611.
From Wicker Park/Bucktown: Take the Blue Line to Irving Park. Transfer to the 80 Irving Park bus heading West. Get off the bus at Kilpatrick and hoof it South to Warwick and then back East until you get to 4611.

Driving 🙁
Hop in your hooptie and cruise to Warwick and Kenton.

CH3 #1575

Hare(s): Specklebird
Venue: Independence Tap – 3932 W. Irving Park Rd, Chicago
Hash Cash: This time we go with SC @ $4 (drink fast!) despite the NY Giants’ Plaxico Burress taking a loaded handgun out with him for Christmas shopping this past week.

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That’s right, we don’t know much, but we do know that we will be drinking beer and ambulating like Idiots from the Independence Tap located at Irving Park Rd. and Pulaski.
The great and honorable Idiot himself will be presiding over festivities. Rhotan? you innocently ask…No, hisonner, the right noble Specklebird. This is also one of many chances you have to own one of the coveted (by someone I’m sure) Idiot’s Day shirts. ($10-$11.50 for idiots, $15 for proven idiots).
Walkers trail is usually provided, dogs, children and child-like behavior also welcome and expected. Bring some tasty comesteble for the On-In. Beverages will be in abundance.
Environmentally-Friendly Public Transit
From the Lincoln Park/Lakeview “Green Zone”: Red Line to Sheridan, take the Irving Park #80 (or X80 if you’re lucky!) to Harding which is a block before Pulaski.
From Wicker Park/Bucktown: Blue Line to Irving Park, hoof it 1-1/2 blocks East to Harding.
Hop into your hooptie and cruise to Irving and Harding. Parking is pleasantly findable in this neck of the hoods.

CH3 #1520

Chicago #1520 @ Janina’s : 6th Annual Idiot’s Day Joint Hash w/Second City
Submit Hare(s): Specklebird (Idiot’s Day Hare for Life)
Venue: Janina’s Gin Mill & Saloon – 3459 N Milwaukee Ave (Milwaukee & Keeler)
Hash Cash: $5 (One-day holiday doorbuster special – same price as Second City!!)

This very aptly-named hash lived up to its billing on so many levels. One example was our GM Chicken Stiffer wheeling Just Molly down the street in an abandoned shopping cart at a very high rate of speed. What part of this does not just simply scream out BAD IDEA. Fortunately for the hash (for liablility reasons) these two Idiot’s Day celebrants lived to see another day (perhaps less fortunate for the gene pool tho as natural selection may have been temporarily thwarted). More pix from this hash on the nav bar or pictures section or on Koday EasyShare Gallery.

Hash trash to be posted soon.


For those of us who can still move after the Pre-Pre Anthr@x 12 Bars of Christmas the previous night, please join us for a special joint celebration of this Second City Classic – “Idiot’s Day” as Second City deigns to appear within Chicago City Limits! Rumours abound that we may also see the first new Idiots’ Day t-shirts in years available for purchase at additional cost. Janina’s is one of our favorite hash bars in scenic Avondale.

We did a joint hash w/Second City last year @ Windsor Tavern on 12/3/06 and had such a blast we’re doing it again. Second City’s schedule conflicts with Chicago seven months out of the year and we still all get along and even have joint hashes with them like this. That’s cooperation. Other area hashes who we won’t name, you conflict with just one of their “dates” and they will post enough flames on their message boards to heat half of Stalingrad in January.

From Soar Balls of Second City:

“This Sunday, come out to Janina’s on Milwaukee and get your hangover hash for Pearl Harbor out of the way before you go to Milwaukee.

Yes, it’s time once again (by my calculations, the Xth time) for Idiot’s Day. To ensure a true Idiot’s Day, we thought we should have the traditional post-Pearl Harbor Hash a week before Pearl Harbor. What do you think we are, a bunch of Einsteins who know the difference between pre- and post-? NO! We’re Zwei-, Drei-, Funf-, und Zwolf-steins who don’t plan to stop at one German bier.

Once you’ve got your brain suitably set to Idiot (just keep chanting “Brain, brain, go away, come again some other day&quot, come out to Janina’s (3457 N Milwaukee) at 2:00 PM this Sunday (Dec. 2), and Specklebird will take you on the stupidest tour of the northwest side you ever did see. Special bonus points if you can’t figure out where the beer stop is going to be.

To get to Janina’s, blindly grope your way to Belmont (3200 N) and Milwaukee (~3900 W), go about 3 blocks northwest on Milwaukee until you get to Keeler. Then you’ve gone too far, so look behind you a couple doors on the southwest side of the street, and you’ve found Janina’s. You’ll know it’s Janina’s by the sign out front that says “Janina’s”.

Alternatively, take ye olde Blue Line to Addison and go west on Addison to Keeler. Go south on Keeler to Milwaukee and wander about aimlessly asking strangers where you might find Janina’s.”

Environmentally-Friendly Public Transit
From Lincoln Park/Lakeview: Red Line 2 Addison, Addison #152 bus West to Keeler, hoof it three blocks South to the bar on Milwaukee.
From Wicker Park/Bucktown: Blue Line 2 Addison, schlep four blocks West to Keeler and three blocks South to the bar on Milwaukee or take the Milwaukee #56 bus Northwest to Keeler.

Hop into your hooptie and cruise 2 the corner of Addison & Keeler, Addison freeway exit from the Kennedy and west to Keeler, South to Milwaukee. Helen Keller could find a parking space in this neighborhood.

CH3 #1467

Sunday 12/3/2006 @2pm
Chicago HHH #1467 Idiots’ Day Joint Hash w/Second City
Hare(s): Specklebird
Venue: Windsor Tavern – 4530 N Milwaukee Ave

This Sunday, Dec. 3, Specklebird will enthrall us with something like the 9th edition of his now-famous Idiot’s Day Hash. You don’t even need a half-mind for this one. I think a quarter will do.

To get there (these are my improvised directions, as none were provided for the hare, so I do not guarantee them):

From City: take I-94 north to Montrose, turn left (west) on Montrose and go about a mile to Milwaukee and turn right. Windsor should be about a block and a half up.

From North: Exit 94 at Cicero, go south to Montrose, turn right and go about a half-mile to Milwaukee, turn right and look for Windsor in about a block and a half.

From Northwest (I-90): Don’t take I-90. I don’t know directions from there.

CTA: Take Blue line to Montrose. Hitch-hike with compassionate hashers who will pick you up and take you a mile or so west and a couple blocks up Milwaukee.

Metra: Take Milwaukee District North line leaving Fox Lake at 12:45 or Union Station at 12:35 to the Mayfair stop. Go west on Montrose or hitch-hike as above.

CH3 #1362

Sun 12/05/2004 @ 2PM

Chicago H3Run # 1362 – 83rd Annual Idiot’s Day, Dumbed if yo do, Dumbed if you Dont Hash!

Hare: Speckie
Venue: The start will be at Forrest Glen Woods on Forrest Glen Road, two blocks north of Elston, say 2:00ish?
(From Cicero and Elston, go North on Elston to Forrest Glen Road until you see the forrest preserve on the left).

This will be a special Co-Hash with Second City. Join Speckie as he takes us on a trail sure to have plenty of SHIGGY! Bring clean shoes and socks!