Hash Bar Map

Chicago Hash Bar Map

In order to make things easier for those dumb enough to sign up to hare, the Chicago Hash House Harriers has combed the archives of the many hashes here in Chicago and assembled a list of the many storied venues that have hosted hashes in the past. In addition, we’ve added a number of other bars in parts of the city and nearby suburbs that Chicago hashes don’t normally get to, so that you can expand your hashing horizons.

This is by no means an exhaustive list, and bars frequently change ownership and management, so ALWAYS contact the bar before using it as a venue for your hash.



The shape used to mark a spot on the Chicago Hash Bar Map indicates the what type a location is. The type of a location rarely changes, but it can happen.

Pin = Bar

Bars are by far the most common starting location for hashes in Chicago – when choosing a bar as the starting location of a hash, be sure to check the bar beforehand that they can provide a good beer deal for us, that they have the space for us to set up circle, and that we won’t completely piss off the owners/managers/bartenders by hashing out of there. If a bar can’t provide these three things that doesn’t mean that you can’t use that bar, but you should maybe consider setting an A-to-B trail or provide an alternate location for circle.

DOT = Park/Forest Preserve

The Chicago city seal includes the Latin phrase “Urbs in Horto,” which translates to “City in a Garden.” With that in mind, Chicago is home to a plethora of parks and forest preserves from which one can set trail. When setting trail from a park or forest preserve be sure to keep in mind that we will need a space for circle, preferably a space that won’t draw the attention of the police, since Chicago is quite backwards-thinking in its open-container laws. Weather should also be considered when haring from a park or forest preserve, as Chicago actually experiences seasons.

SQUARE = Residence

Some hares are especially reckless and dare to hash out of their own homes. If you don’t want to hare out of your own home, maybe you can sweet talk somebody who doesn’t value their property as much as you do to host the hash. If you choose to do this please keep in mind that you are responsible for providing enough beer for everybody during circle.

STAR = Brewery/Brew Pub

Chicago is also home to lots and lots and lots of breweries. Seriously, this craft beer explosion has been great to our fair city. These aren’t always locations that you can hash out of, as not all of the Chicago breweries have permits needed to serve alcohol on their premise, but you might want to check with them anyway – maybe one of these breweries will want to sponsor a beer stop or give us a tour? Stranger things have happened.

DIAMOND = Misc Other

Some times the hash gets adventurous and people set trail out of places that don’t fall into an above classification – these include bowling alleys, VFW or American Legion posts, Yacht Clubs, or anything else. Think outside the box, cause sometimes a place you wouldn’t think of hash a liquor license and we can get beer for next to nothing.


The color used to mark a spot on the Chicago Hash Bar Map indicates the status of a location. The status of a location can change for a number of reasons, such as a change in management/ownership, inactivity, or closure. Be sure to check with whatever location you choose to hare out of to confirm its status.

BLUE = Hash Friendly

Blue is used to indicate that a location has been deemed to be “hash friendly.” These locations have the necessary space, beer specials, and general attitude necessary for hosting a hash. Additionally, these are locations that we have hashed out of in the last two years.

GREEN = Outdoors/BYOB

Green is used to note an outdoor location – these are more than just parks and forest preserves though, as sometimes the hash starts from a statue, a parking lot, or other kinds of craziness.

GRAY = Inactive

Gray is used to note a space that has been qualified as “inactive.” Locations can be deemed as such if they host a hash that doesn’t use their hash cash for beer specials (such as the Whiskey Wednesday H3 or 4X2H4), or if they haven’t hosted a hash for over two years. Since these places have hosted hashes in the past, however, they are worth contacting.

PURPLE = Unknown Status

Purple is used to denote a location that is an unknown. There is no record of these locations hosting a hash in the past, but that doesn’t mean that they cannot be used to host a hash in the future. Most of these locations are in areas that Chicago hashes don’t normally hash out of, so they are definitely worth checking out to provide a change of pace.

YELLOW = Closed Locations

Yellow is used to denote a location that is now closed, can no longer serve alcohol, or a place that people no longer live. It sucks, but these kinds of things happen.

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If you’re looking for information on a specific location or hash, you may also want to try searching the online database that corresponds with the information found in the Hash Bar Map.