Memorial Day 2018!

Friday, May 25 – Monday, May 28


Kick off the Chicago summer in style with our annual Memorial Day Hash celebration.  Join us for the whole weekend and get access to three trails over the course of the long weekend, or you can rego for just the main event on Sunday. No matter which option you choose, you’ll get trails and circles complete with food and beverages, as well as two summer-themed giveaways, and all the awesome extra shenanigans that go along with hashing in Chicago.

Here is what we have planned:

Friday, May 25th 7:00 PM – Pub Crawl

You’ll have the opportunity to sample some of Chicago’s tasty brews as we move from brewery to brewery to bar to bar.

We start at Ricochet’s (4644 N. Lincoln Ave. Map), which is just steps away from Western Ave. station on the CTA Brown Line. Around 8 pm, we’ll move to Cardinal Wine & Spirits (4905 N. Lincoln Ave. Map). Then it’s on to The Atlantic Bar & Grill (5062 N. Lincoln Ave. Map). If we’re still standing, we’ll cruise up the street to Lincoln Karaoke (5526 N. Lincoln Ave. Map).

If you just can’t wait until 7 pm to get your beer on, pre-lubing the pre-lube will take place at Half Acre Beer Company (4257 N. Lincoln Ave. Map). Use Montrose Station on the Brown Line to get there.

The whole prelube will be a pay-as-you-go event and is not included in your weekend rego.

Saturday, May 26th 2:00 PM – Prelube Run #2159

A nice little run to carry you over from the Friday pub crawl to the main event on Sunday. Our hare Snatchsquatch is bound to omit the “nice” and “little” part, but you’ll enjoy ample beer and food afterwards to make up for it.

Hare: Snatchsquatch
Location: O’Donnell’s – 4500 N. Elston Ave. Map
Hash Cash: Included in weekend rego ($15 for walk-ups)

Sunday, May 27th Noon – Memorial Day Run #2160

The big event! We’ll be meeting up at our rented pavilion in Catherine Chevalier Woods, which is easy to access by public transit.   After checking in and collecting your gimmes, you’ll enjoy a trail through the woods hared by former GM Dr. Cockvorkian, followed by an amazing barbecue managed under the golden spatula of Feather. Rounding out the afternoon will be our CH3 circle, which of course won’t be as good as the circle at your home kennel in Bumfuck West Dakota. Ask us if we care.

To add variety to our luncheon spread, we are asking folks to consider bringing a side dish to share with your fellow hashers. In turn, we’ll give you $5 in cold cash for your efforts.

Hare: Dr. Cockvorkian
Location: Catherine Chevalier Woods, near East River Rd. & Bryn Mawr Ave. Map
Hash Cash: Included in your weekend rego ($60 for walk-ups)

Monday, May 28th Noon – Hangover Run #2161

Have you foofed before? Whether you have or haven’t you’ll enjoy an afternoon on the “foof deck” at It’s Too Soft’s building in Lincoln Park. Yes there will be a trail of some sort, followed by more grilling, drinking, circle and general shenanigans likely involving water.

Hares: It’s Too Soft & Palmolive Those Dicks
Location: 933 W. Wolfram St. Map
Hash Cash: Included in your weekend rego ($15 for walk-ups)

Four days is not enough. I need MORE HASHING!

If you have a couple of extra days to spend in Chicago, you can run with these esteemed clubs:

  • Thirstday HHH on Thursday night 5/24 at 7:00 PM.
  • Chicago Full Moon HHH on Tuesday night 5/29 at 7:00 PM.
  • Chicago Whiskey Wednesday HHH on Wednesday night 5/30 at 7:00 PM.

Check their websites or Facebook group pages for info.

What does it cost and how do I register?

Registration is simple:

  1. Go fill out the ONLINE REGISTRATION.
  2. Go to PayPal and send money to the email address you were given upon completion of the registration form.



Weekend Price Main Event Only
Regos 1-25 $50 $40
Regos 26-50 $60 $50
Walk-Up Price $70 $60
Saturday & Monday Walk-Up (each) $15

Where can I stay?

If you need crash space, please contact da GM and we’ll make sure that you have a place to crash.

CH3 #2158

Chicago Hash House Harriers Run # 2158

Monday, May 21, 2018, 7 PM

Venue: Wicker Park – 1425 N. Damen Ave. Meet by the fountain
Hares: Feather, Roofie Ragu, Dr. Cockvorkian, Stiffy for Stiffies
Hash Cash: $10
Event: A-to-B-to-C-to-D Run

CH3 #2155

Chicago Hash House Harriers Run # 2155

Sunday, April 29, 2018, 2 PM

Venue: A-to-B from Children’s Fountain (outside Chicago History Museum, North and Clark)
Hares: Gay Dancer & Silent But Deadly
Hash Cash: $8
Note: Your bag will be magically transported from A to B

From the hares: After last week’s excursion to exotic locales, this week is the definition of back to normal, with a location chosen due to its central relativity to parks and public transport and lakes and stuff. Myself (Gay Dancer) and your FBI Silent But Deadly will lay a magnificent trail, culminating in an outdoor circle (blah dress accordingly blah it’ll be warm).

CH3 #2154

Chicago Hash House Harriers Run # 2154

Sunday, April 22, 2018, 2 PM

Venue: Rainbow Park Beach at 77th St.
Hare: Snatchsquatch
Hash Cash: $8

From the hare: Snatch has decided to do a second joint hash with Second City this month, which means that he’s picked somewhere completely ridiculous to hare out of. Don’t worry, there’s a bus that’ll take you straight there from the Loop, so you won’t even have to drive! The weather is supposed to be nice and there’s plenty of shiggy in the area, so this will be an interesting experience.

CH3 #2151

Chicago Hash House Harriers Run # 2151

Saturday, March 31, 2018, 2 PM

Venue: A-to-B run from Small Cheval – 1732 N. Milwaukee Ave.
Hares: Little Trojan Annie, WJew-40 and a Mystery Hare
Hash Cash: $8
Event: Pre-Easter Run
Theme: To be announced shortly

From the hares: Trojan Jew will provide themed food and booze. People are invited bring pot-luck style snacks to share. Your bag will by magically transported from A to B.