Power of the Pussy XVIII

Friday, July 27 – Sunday, July 29

It’s time once again for our annual “Power of the Pussy” celebration as everyone’s favorite group of harriettes takes the reins and plan a truly memorable weekend for everyone.

The theme for this year’s Power of the Pussy will be “PoP Under the Sea” – join Chicago H3 as our lovely ladies dive deeeeeeep, and I mean DEEEP into the sea filled with trails, mermaids, booze, crabs, food, starfish and booze (and maybe even a Moby Dick or two). A trip under the sea wouldn’t be cumplete without flippers, sea shell bras, diving helmets and even a sponge that lives in a pineapple, so costumes, as always, are not only allowed but encouraged – hell, there will even be prizes for best dressed.

Your rego gets you plenty of cold beer {and wine} during and after trail, delicious food at the on-in, an exclusive giveaway (provided you rego early enough) and a spectacular shitty trail through the finest city in the world. If you rego for the entire weekend you’ll get access to Friday night’s “The Hash Aquatic Pre-Lube” as well as Sunday’s “Shipwrecked Hangover.” Not only that, but you’ll have a collection of the coolest harriettes you’ll ever meet showing you a good time.

Tank tops {were} available for $15.

Rego is $69 Weekend/$55 Main Event Only. Waiting until America’s Birthday? It’ll cost you $80/$65. If you show up the day of and try to pay, it’ll cost you a whopping $90/$75. Power of the Pussy is worth it at any price, but don’t say the ladies didn’t warn you about the price increases. Be smart, rego early.

Friday July 27th 7:00 PM – The Hash Aquatic Carnival

Back by PoPular demand, PoP Under the Sea will kickoff with The Hash Aquatic Carnival! You will have the chance to visit the deepest, darkest depths of the sea to play {drinking} games for prizes! We’ll also have space inside the bar to mix & mingle {aka drink & ignore each other}. The carnival, as well as access to pitchers once back at the bar, is included in the Weekend Rego. Walk ups $5. {note: the bar also has a $20 AYCD deal you can purchase on your own if you’re lookin to get really lubed}

Meet us at the Totem Pole (3510 N Recreation Dr, Chicago, IL 60657) to visit each of the Seven Seas to try your fin at carnival-style drinking games and see what kind of booty you can score. This is not a trail. It’s drinking games. It’s fun. And boozy.  After we’ve finished all the booze, we’ll head to Redmond’s for $5 pitchers (hash provided!) or $20 AYCD (on your own).

Venue: Totem Pole – 3510 N Recreation Drive. (Map)
On-After: Redmond’s Ale House – 3358 N Sheffield Ave. (Map)
Hash Cash: $5

Saturday, July 28th 2:00 PM – Power of the Pussy XVIII (Run #2173)

Dress up and dive in! It’s PoP Under the Sea! There will be long and short trails for your racist pleasures, and of course there will be some clever beverage stops along the way. Afterwards, prepare yourself for a circle like you’ve never experienced before. And food? Absolutely! You won’t go away hungry or sober.

Venue: The Atlantic Bar & Grill – 5062 N. Lincoln Ave. (Map)
Hares: The Amazing Ladies of CH3
Walk-Up Price: $75

Sunday, July 29th Noon – Shipwrecked Hangover

As is tradition, PoP Hangover will leave you wrecked. Shipwrecked to be specific. You will not find yourself asking, “but why is all the rum gone?” because there will be plentyyyyy of booze, food and trail hared by Meat Inside Her. Oh yeah, and a really, reallllyyyyy reallllllllllllyyyyyyyyyyy long second circle.

To keep the ladies entertained, anyone identifying as a male is invited to participate in the speedo contest. PoP Committee will judge, hard, and whoever wins can take home the Mr. PoP 2018 crown. Or sash. Whatever. But really, it doesn’t take much to get the boys of CH3 in a speedo, so this is just your official invite.

BRING YOUR OWN VESSEL. We will not have a vessel for you if you do not bring your own. We’re trying to save the earth and also don’t want to pick up after yo trashy ass that leaves four half empty solo cups around the house.

This is included in your Weekend Rego, walk ups are $10.

Location: The Soul Cooch Taco Stand – 1353 N. Noble St.
Hare: Meat Inside Her
Walk-Up Price: $10

What does it cost and how do I register?

Registration is simple:

  1. Go fill out the ONLINE REGISTRATION.
  2. Go to PayPal and send money to the email address you were given upon completion of the registration form.

Pricing (for all 3 days)

Until July 4th $69
Until July 26th $80
Walk-Up $90

Where can I stay?

If you need crash space, please contact Menstrual Casserole and she’ll make sure that you have a place to crash.

CH3 #2166

Chicago Hash House Harriers Run # 2166

Saturday, June 23, 2018, 2 PM

Venue: Blueberry Hill – 427 Desplaines Ave. Forest Park
Hare: False Advertising & Choke N Stroke
Hash Cash: $10
Event: Our first Saturday run of the summer
From the hare: Things to know:

  • Blueberry Hill is a short walk from the Forest Park Terminal of the CTA Blue Line.
  • Trail will be A-to-B and your bag will be magically transported from A-to-B.
  • We will be grilling at the finish so bring your grillables!
  • It’s a Luau theme so wear your Hawaiian shirts, grass skirts, coconut bras, etc.

The 40th Anniversary of Hashing in Chicago

Thursday, June 14 – Tuesday, June 19


Still working off your Memorial Day hangover? Well there’s no need to sober up just yet. Presenting the 40th Anniversary of Hashing in Chicago weekend! All of the hash kennels in Chicago will be participating in the celebration. In fact there will be so much celebrating that the weekend has been extended from 2 days to 6 days. Here is the line-up of celebrations:

Thursday June 14th 7:00 PM – Thirstday H3 Run #764

The Thirstday Hash House Harriers emerged on the hashing scene in 2003 and have completed a shit ton of runs since then. Their motto is “The Best Reason to Call in Sick on Friday”, and after this run you’ll know why.

Hare: Horn-E
Location: Double Bubble – 6036 N. Broadway (Map)
Hash Cash: $10

Friday, June 15th 7:00 PM – First Crack of the Moon H3 Run #249

A spin-off of the Chicago Full Moon Hash, FCMH3 runs once a month near the date of the new moon. They have a couple of clever traditions that you will learn once you have broken them.

Hare: Son of Spam
Location: Wise Owl Drinkery & Cookhouse – 324 S. Racine Ave. (Map)
Hash Cash: $5

Saturday, June 16th Noon – Bushman H3 Run #157 & Chicago H3 Run #2164

You know the song, you know the founder. Now is your chance to experience the Bushman Hash without having to be alone in the woods with a bunch of old dudes.

We have rented a pavilion at a forest preserve known simply as Dam #4 Woods-East.  It’s located way out west on Devon Ave. next to the Des Plaines River. Horn-E will hare the Bushman H3 trail as he has for the previous 156 runs. Sometime later in the day there will be a Chicago H3 trail from the same location. Similar to the CH3 Memorial Day main event, we will be grilling all of your favorite grillable items. Circles will follow each run.

A super duper one-of-a-kind patch will be available. A 40th anniversary t-shirt will also be available for $15.

Hares: Horn-E & others
Location: Dam #4 Woods-East, on the north side of Devon Ave., east of River Rd. Map
Hash Cash: $30 for first 50 people to rego, then $35 for 51+.  $40 for walk-ups

Sunday, June 17th Noon – Ragtime H3 Run #69 (again)

The Ragtime H3 takes brunching to a whole new level, and we don’t mean a higher level. Bring along a bottle of champagne or your favorite brunch food and see what all the fuss is about. Once you’ve filled up on croissants and champagne you’ll discover that there is actually a hash trail to run and you’ll need to find an alley to refund in so you can be FRB.

Hares: Rusty Grundel & The Cock Whisperer
Location: 1872 N. Clybourn Ave. #504
Hash Cash: 1 bottle of champagne, 1 dish to share, or $10

Monday, June 18th 7:00 PM – Chicago H3 Run #2165

We are back to our normal Monday night run now. Let’s see how many survived.

Hares: Dr. Cockvorkian & Hooch Before Cooch
Location: Durkin’s – 810 W. Diversey Pkwy. Map
Hash Cash: $10

Tuesday, June 19th 7:00 PM – TBD Run 

This is the actual anniversary date when some guy who had hashed in Hong Kong decided to start up a hash club here in Chicago. That was back in 1978! Stay tuned for details on this one.

Hare: Horn-E
Location: Big Joe’s – 1818 W. Foster Ave.
Hash Cash: TBD

What does it cost and how do I register?

Registration is simple:

  1. Go fill out the ONLINE REGISTRATION.
  2. Go to PayPal and send money to the email address you were given upon completion of the registration form.

Pricing (Saturday event)

Regos 1-50 $30
Regos 51+ $35
Walk-Up $40

Where can I stay?

If you need crash space, please contact da GM and we’ll make sure that you have a place to crash.

CH3 #2163

Chicago Hash House Harriers Run # 2163

Monday, June 11, 2018, 7 PM

Venue: A-to-B from Irish Eyes – 2519 N. Lincoln Ave.
Hares: Silent But Deadly, Meat Inside Her & Drill in My Box
Hash Cash: $10

From the hares: This is a multitude of celebrations, for Drill’s birthday, for Meat being done with school, and for SBD bringing them all together to lay a truly wonderful trail. Trail will also be A to B. Your bag will be magically transported from A to B.