Special Events

Every now and again the Chicago Hash House Harriers like to put on special events for our members. These are different than normal hash runs, as they usually involve multiple days of trails, drinks, food, and revelry. You can expect larger than normal attendance from both local hashers and visiting hashers alike as we celebrate all the shenanigans that the Chicago Hash House Harriers are known for. Since these are special events, these hash runs usually cost more than the $8 that we usually charge, but you can rest assured that your money is being put to good use – all Chicago Hash House Harriers Special Events are self-sufficient and all money that you pay to attend goes to ensuring that you have the best time possible.

Memorial Day – End of May
Memorial Day is a weekend celebration signaling that the hash Chicago Winter has ended and that the glorious Chicago Summer has begun. Memorial Day goes all weekend long, from Friday night through Monday afternoon and includes three hash runs and plenty of delicious outdoor cooking and drinking.

Power of the Pussy – Summer
Power of the Pussy celebrates everything that the ladies of the Chicago Hash House Harriers bring to the table, and as such is completely organized by the ladies. Expect a weekend of themed fun at Power of the Pussy as the ladies enjoy ridiculous costumes and doing anything they can to remind the Chicago Hash House Harriers who runs the world.

Anthrax – Third Weekend in December
Back in 2002 a member of the Chicago Hash House Harriers managed to shut down several square blocks surrounding Lincoln Park in a biohazard scare, as such we’ve been celebrating his idiocy ever since. Members will don a hazmat suit and a Santa hat at Anthrax as we jaunt through the city and draw as many curious glances from the holiday shoppers as possible. Anthrax is the Chicago Hash House Harriers largest weekend event and attracts hasher from all over the United States to witness just how crazy attending hash runs during a Chicago Winter can be.